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FF: I LOVE YOU {Part 18}


Arnav woke up at the knocking of the door. He glanced towards the bed, still in her wedding outfit covered in the blanket and sleeping peacefully.
Not wanting to disturb her, he opened the door to find the his Di, Payal, Akash, Shyaam and Lavanya, standind right infront of him.
"What the...? What are you doing here La? How do you all know Payal" asked a over confused Arnav.
"What JijaJi! How will everyone not know me? After all you married my sister. So Simple"replied an excited Payal.
"where is my Bhabhi, chote, let us eneter?" Anjali tried to get in.
Arnav was confused that ever. Was Khushi his wife? She is Payal's sister. He then saw a smiling shyaam throught the corner of his eyes. If it would have been her, then Shyaam would not be smiling. His ASR brain was unable to find the solution.
He closed the door on their face saying them that he would soon come down with Khushi.
He turned around and saw his sleeping wife. He closed his eyes and placed his palm over his racing heart.
"Khushi!" he murmered.
"hmm.." came the reply.
His eyes shot open. He couldn't beleive it. He had married Khushi. Khushi was his wife. His happiness knew no bounds.
His heartbeat had united with its mate. They were bound to be together and beat as one. His Love for her had found Khushi.
He went up to her. Sitting down beside her on the bed, he slowly started lowering the blanket to see her face. As he did, he saw his angel.
His Khushi. His wife.
His heart had already said him who she was. If only he could have understood then.
He saw her face as the morning's first sun rays fell on her face. He slowly moved a love strand of hair that was blocking his view.
He smiled content. She is his's and he is her's.
They are one now. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead, a sign of his true love for her pouring out his concern for her.
"I'm sorry Khushi! I had to do this for you." he murmered, his forehead on her's.
"I know Arnav."
Arnav moved back to see her face. she smiled at him earning a smile back from him.
"Arnav! I'm sorry, I was getting married''
"OK! So wife, you never wanted to marry me?"
"NO! Arnav! I wanted to. I mean I didn't know it was you?"
"I know I was getting married myself"
"But you were forced to by Shyaam. Right?"
"Shh...Forget it Khushi. We were destined to be together and we are."
"Right! So now what?"
"What? Nothing."
"What do you want Khushi?" He leaned closer towards her. Khushi looked into his eyes. They were glistening with mischief and were filled with deep love for her. She drowned into them as if her life depenended on them.
She came to her senses when she felt Arnav's warm breadth on her lips.
She leaned forward and kissed his cheek and tried to make a quick escape but Arnav was faster than her.
"Not so quick wifey!"
"Arnav, please let me go. What will everyone think? I'm already late. You made me cry so much last night."
"What the..? I made you cry? I was just saying that I Lov..."
His words lay hanging. He knew Khushi wanted to hear it from him from long but he never accepted his love for her and gave her pain and rejection.
But not anymore.
As soon as he had started saying her the three magical words, Khushi had swung herself into his arms in a bear hug, sobbing.
He gently moved Khushi away from him to see her face and uttered the three magical words gaining a radiant smile back from his wife.
"I LOVE YOU Khushi! A Lot!"
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FF: I LOVE YOU {Part 17}


Part 17

Khushi heard a husky voice speak. She couldn't for a second understand what was to come. Will her husband force himself on her. But one she had to. And for that she had to forget Arnav. She felt a lone tear roll down her cheeks.
Arnav was quite nervous so as what to say. He sighed for the last time, took a deep breath and started.
"I know our's is an arranged marriage. We never met before. I mean we never got to know each other. Before starting our new life I wanted to clear it all out and the decision is yours. I  understand you had not expected our suhaag raat turn out this way but it is important for you know"
Arnav went on as he sat on the recliner.
"I am Arnav Singh Raizada and I own the AR fashion house."
Arnav felt her flinch as he introduced himself. He continued.
"I fell in love with my PA. But may be we were never destined to happen!" He sighed as he heard his bride sob. Nevertheless, he had to say her everything.
"I loved her and I love her and will always. I can love no one else. I am sorry about it but I can never accept you as my wife." His words full of sincerity. He hoped she would understand him. But seeing no response from her, he was confused but nevertheless he continued.
"You must be wondering, then why did I marry you? It is because of her again. She is such a stupid, irritating and crazy kid. She never knows what she is doing and what will be its result, never aware of her surroundings. It is because of her that we are in this situation and I had to get married to you" Arnav clenched his jaws and fisted his palms together trying to control his anger.
"You want to know what she did? On our office function, someone had taken her video while she was in washroom freshening up. She didn't even noticed that someone had made a video of her. I don't know how Shyaam had got hold of it and blackmailed me to marry you so that he could woo Khushi and marry her."
He now felt her sobbing harder and he didn't know why but he was getting irritated by it.
"STOP! Don't cry now. Its that Khushi who should be crying and making me helpless all the more. She hasn't even called me from yesterday night. So see forgot me so soon."
Khushi could feel her husband come closer. She quickly closed her eyes in anticipation as shivers ran down her spines. But the next moment, she felt him gone. He had taken the pillow placed next to her.
What a big dumb guy her husband was? But still he was too good, honest and loving. She smiled as tears still kept flowing down her eyes.
"Don't worry! Take your own time. I will wait for your answer."
Saying so, he left Khushi to ponder over the things and fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle together.
Arnav laid down on the recliner and sighed. He felt relieved now. After separating from Khush, it was now at this moment that he felt at peace. As if everything will be alright now.
But Khushi was not much at peace now. Yes, Arnav had left her tormented.
She smiled as she recalled her husbands words. She loved him, and he loved her back. He loved her only. She knew that her Mr. Cute, her Prince was Arnav on the day she had first met him. When he had saved her from those goons.
Their is something called as True Love and she was thankful that she got hers.
Respect for Arnav had multiplied as all her questions got their answers. But this Shyaam. And who had taken MMS while she was in washroom?How dare he black-mail Arnav?
She felt rage course through her. But poor them, How successful they were on their mission of separating her from her Love. Khushi thought sarcastically.
But little did she care about them as long as her husband loved her.
Her husband, none other that.
Arnav Singh Raizada.
Arnav and Khushi are married tied for eternity.
3 more parts and the story will end.

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FF: I LOVE YOU {Part 16}


Finally the day of the wedding had arrived.

It was the haldi ceremony in the morning.

The ritual continued and both Arnav and Khushi performed now lifeless as what was to come next. They were incomplete with each other.

And no other person could replace then in their life.

Khushi's parents, Shashi and Garima Gupta saw their daughter dressed up in a bridal attire looking stunning as ever.

She was too beautiful beyond words and they knew any guy would easily fall in love with her.

Anjali put her kajol at the back of Anav's ear to save him from the evil eyes.

She didnt understand what had made her brother to suddenly change his decision and get married but Arnav would never talk about the topic.

They both did look stunning but the sparkle in their eyes and the happiness behind their smile was missing. And that was understood by Payal,Akash, Anjali, Shyaam and Lavanya ofcourse.

Lavanya was surprisingly not anymore interested in Arnav because she had finally accomplished her wish to take revenge on Arnav for rejecting her. And she had finally realised that in this process she had developed a soft corner for Shyaam.

Unbelievable! wasnt it?

Akash and Payal were in a relationship and were dating each other.After meeting the office party, they had met each other and spent some quality time together realising their love for each other.

They had told each other about their respective sibling's wedding and had realised it was better not to inform then but to allow them to move on in their life. 

Another sweet love birds!

Arnav sat on the horse/mare and went on to the a old-fashioned huge mansion where the wedding was to be conducted. How he had wished it would have been Khushi's house but indeed it was not possible.
Cursing himself for diverting his thoughts in the wrong direction, he got down and briskly walked up to the entrance. He was welcomed grandly along with other members of his family by his in-laws.

He sat on the mandap where the wedding was supposed to be conducted..
The pandit kept on reciting mantras and then the bride was asked to join.
Arnav saw his bride sit beside him, her face covered in a dupatta as per the rituals. The wedding started followed by the groom putting sindoor on the brides forehead, mangalsutra on her neck and then the seven rounds or pheres around the fire tying their knot for seven lives altogether, finally declaring them as husband and wife.
Arnav looked at his now wife in dupatta. He would never spoil her life because of him. He had to tell her the truth.
The truth which he had been hiding from everyone, from his khushi and from his ownself. He would say it all to his wife and finally let her decide what she would like to do.

After the marriage, Arnav returned to his home, the Raizada mansion with his wife. As per the customs, he had to carry his wife in his arms and enter. And that was exactly what Arnav had to do. He carried his wife and entered the mansion with her.

After all these post-marital rituals, Arnav had finally got the chance to talk to his wife.
As he stood in front of his room just to enter and meet his wife, he felt his whole family there. He had to fight, beg and request so as to reach his wife and enter his room.

Arnav sighed. He had finally managed to enter his room after giving all the money he had to his sisters.
He looked at the CD which Shyaam had given him. Arnav had made sure that Shyaam had deleted that particular video from his moblie and from his bloddy mind.

And Shyaam wasnt so bad too. He had made Arnav marry to some other random girl and now he was a free bird, single and ready to mingle with his khushiji.

But little did he know that Khushi was already married...

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FF: I LOVE YOU {Part 15}

       PART 15

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Khushi finally accepted the truth that Arnav was never hers and they were never meant for each other. She tried to control all her sorrows and smile. She had to do it, for herself and her family. She had never met the guy she was going to marry nor had their parents known him well but they were sure of the family.They said that their family were one of the most respect full and cultured family in the society. They didn't care for the boy because whose family was so good, then their son had to be the best. They had accepted the proposal without                                                    any hesitation.
 She was going to get married and it would be best that she would devote her                    whole life, mind and soul towards him and his family.
Trying to erase all the beautiful moments spent with Arnav, she finally sat with the groom's family in the hall wearing a blood red and velvety white lehenga.


Her to-be- mother-in-law sat next to her, making her wear the ring. As per the great Indian wedding rituals, their families had fixed their marriages and the groom's family makes the bride wear the ring and does kuldivi ki puja where they go to the temple and seek blessings for their marriage.

The rituals followed and Khushi's engagement or ROKA was done.

In the same way, Arnav too battled with his emotions. He was right now on a roller coaster ride of emotions. He tried controlling himself and praying God to give him strength to do this. 
He had signed the contract with shyaam. Once Arnav marries on his behalf and leave Khushi, Shyaam would give away all the recordings of Khushi.This forced Arnav to accept this proposal and get married. He would he would never be able to love the same way he loved khushi and give her any happiness but                               right now all that mattered to him was...
His Khushi!

After the engagement ceremony, the rituals continued in full force.
The next day was The sangeet and Mehendi.
Khushi had dressed up in a dark blue and pink lehenga making her look all the more beautiful adding to her glory but something was missing.


It was her radiant smile, her charm which had gone away with her heart and was now with ARNAV.
She was lost the whole time during the Sangeet- Mehendi function. It was then, when she was getting her hand decked with the beautiful mehendi, the family       and friend would dance for her celebrating and sharing her happiness.
                      But little did they know, where laid her happiness.

Khushi hadn't got enough time to even think about her decision of getting,
married that now she was already in the middle of getting married. She was right now putting mehendi on her palms for the person she was to get married the next day.
she couldn't comprehend what was happening to her. She was happy a few days back anxious for Arnav's confession but now at the moment she was getting married to some one else. The girl who had waited for her Mr. Cute all there years had finally lost all hope and belief in these fairy tales.

In the real life, our hearts only get broken. So its no use dreaming. Nor was she crying over split milk. She had to move on and she knew it. May be she would eventually fall in love with her husband. She wondered though she would be or not as much as she loved Arnav but atleast she can try rather than wait for                     some one who didnt even care for her nor her feelings.
She hadnt bothered to know anything about her to-be-husband. She believed in destiny and her parents. If it was her fate, then so be it! 
                          And that was a final verdict!
Will she be able to stand up on her decision and love someone else?
And that was exactly what Arnav was thinking at that particular moment.
Will he be able to love someone else and accept her in his life?
 Khushi held her breath and shivered as she felt 
her now husband coming close to her. Her breaths quick and fast, scared at what was going to happen now?

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